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Reinforcing Wire

Reinforcing Wire

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Steel Name Antitheses for Parts of Twin and Single Screw Extruder>>
Typical Material Contrast for Screw Element & Kneading Disk>>
Introduction for a screw & elements with nanometer ceramics compound coating>>Level of Wear Resistance & Corrosion Resistance(See right)
This level sheet shows the direct visual comparisons of wear resistance & corrosion resistance level for screw element & kneading disk,, specially the material for ZSK machines by Krupp Werner & Pfleiderer of Germany, the material which advised by Metso Material Technology of Finland, and the common materials, such as D2, M2..
In the sheet, you can find the wear resistance of WR5 is much better than normal material M2 and D2.
We have to thank to all the end useŕs support in our after-sale service process. All the data verified that the contrast of two features is relatively accurate, here shares for reference.We heartfelt wish to get more data to complete and verify the contrast above continuously.

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