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Fulfillment by Amazon Must be Know

Please note Amazon must not be listed as the Importer of Record (IOR) 

on any customs entry forms or commercial documents.

Amazon will serve only as the Ultimate Consignee (UC). 
Any shipments arriving at the FC which list Amazon as the IOR will be refused

and returned to the shipper at the
shipper’s expense.Things to Remember About The Shipment:
Please read through these requirements for deliveries to Amazon.
Failure to comply with these
requirements could result in a delay or refusal of the shipment at our fulfillment centers.
If you are sending an LTL shipment on behalf of a seller please make sure to read through the:
Carrier Requirements:

Here is a link to our pallet requirements:

If you are sending a Floor Loaded shipment, please read through these requirements:

Note: The following conditions apply when sending inventory from other countries to Amazon:
1 We will not serve as the importer of record (IOR) on any of the seller’s imported freight.
2 We will not be responsible for any duties, taxes or other charges associated with the importation of
the seller’s freight.
3 We will not provide a POA (Power of Attorney) for the seller’s imported freight.
4 We will not provide Amazon tax ID numbers to sellers (except in the case where Amazon is the
Ultimate Consignee on LTL shipments then the seller’s freight forwarder/customs broker can
email sellerimports@amazon.com to obtain that information).
5 We will not provide brokerage or freight forwarding services.
6 Seller is responsible for compliance and filing with all applicable other government agencies at the
time of importation (such as FDA, TSCA, FWS).
7 Seller must provide prepaid delivery to our fulfillment center. (Carrier will need to make an online
appointment in our online transportation portal)

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