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fba shipping to amazon from china

At Myhome Freight, we understand that our clients might have a few questions about our working process and policies before they feel confident enough to hire our services. This is why; we have tried to create this list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers to the most general queries regarding our services on International transport or shipping from China. However, if you do not see your questions answered here, please feel free to contact us at info@myhomecargo.net.



Q: I am not in China but my products needed to be shipped to Amazon, can u guys do it?

A: Yes, definitely. We are your one-stop shipping solution. We have a worldwide network. So where ever your cargo is, we can ship it for you to any FBA address across all of North America, Europe, and Asia.



Q: How long have you been processing FBA shipments?

A: We've been shipping to Amazon FBA since 2010.



Q: Why can't our shipment be delivered even though our ship has arrived at the destination port?

A: All LTL or sea shipment to Amazon requires an appointment with Amazon. If we do not get appointment date, we have to wait until we get an appointment for delivery.



Q: Do we need to palletize shipments at the origination site or before you receive it?

A: No, not necessary. We can palletize your cargo based on Amazon requirements in our origin warehouse or destination warehouse.



Q: If we use your shipping service to FBA, do we need purchase a continuous bond?

A: No, not necessary. We can help you if you do not have a continuous bond. You can choose to use our bond for free or we charge acontinuous bond USD500/year



Q: Who will be IOR if we do not have a company in destination country?

A:Myhome Freight is a IOR with good credit in USA,we offer free usage for our clients



Q: Can you provide FBA prep service to FBA in China?

A: Yes, we offer such services. we have6warehouses inChina where we can provide prep service, quotation sheet can be offered as per request.



Q: where is your warehouse in China?

A: We have our own warehouse in Zhongshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Jiangmen, Huizhou, Hongkong. Please visit Contact Us to find your closestwarehouse.



Q: if our cargo is not inthe city you have warehouses, can u handle it ?

A: We can handle air, sea shipment from nearest airport, seaport but for courier shipment, we need get cargo toany ofour6 warehousecitiesfirst. FBA prep service can be only availablethere.



Q:Can you help with customers in the USA?

A:Yes, this is possible, but we' ll have to prepare the products for delivery along with all needed documents, contact us for additional details.



Q: Do you hold clients inventory at your warehouse?

A: We have warehouses both in China and in USA (Los Angeles), we can provide warehousing.


Q: can u offer FBA inspection service in USA?

A: yes, we do this in our Los Angeles warehouse, rate could be offered by request



Q: Do you ship to Amazon USA only?

A: We can ship your items wherever you need. That includes Amazon warehouse in: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, EU, etc.



Q:How will I know of my expected delivery time?

A: At the time you book your cargo with us, we will give you an invoice with an expected time of delivery, though the exact time can vary based on the kind of service selected. We also keep our clients informed at all stages during transit time, so that they are well aware of when to expect exact delivery.



Q: How many days will it take if we use sea or air to ship to USA FBA?

A: If by air, the transit time is around 4-7days depends on the air service you choose. If by sea, we need around 4-6days to make export customs, packing, the transit time from port to port is 14-20days depending on the FBA address. Roughly, it is estimated 30-40 days after we get your cargo to the time we make appointment with Amazon.



Q: What if my consignment has reached the destination before its due?

A: We offer our clients complete logistics and transportation services under one roof. Our services are designed to include a combination of pick up, delivery and container storage facilities as well. So if your cargo has reached the destination before time, we offer warehouse facilities to store your cargo until you want to have it delivered, that too at very nominal rates.



Q: We have different friends who also do Amazon business, do you think we can ship cargo together?

A: Yes, you can. By doing so, each vendor can save on shipping cost.



Q: Do I need to pay for labeling if I have barcode printed on the product package?

A: No. If your package already includes Amazon barcode, there is no need to add labels. We will only bill you for services you need and request.



Q: We have some cargo in Amazon that cannot be fulfilled due to inaccurate labelings, wrong marks or quality problems. Do you know how to solve the problem?

A: We have warehouses in USA to receive cargo so you can have Amazon return cargo to us, we can relabel your cargo and send back to Amazon. We can also resell your problem cargo with a discount price and return money to you.



Q: what is the trade term FOB, EXW?

A: FOB means free on board,if you are doing FOB term,supplier will need cover shipping cost caused before cargo leave China. EXW means EX WORKS,if you are doing EXW,,you need cover all shipment cost from your supplier's place to destination address.



Q:What advantages will I have if I choose air freight shipping?

A:The obvious advantage of air freight shipping is the speed with which your cargo can be delivered. While it could be costlier as compared to sea freight or rail freight shipment, when speed and time are of essence, this is the best way to get your shipment from origin to destination.



Q:When is sea freight shipment the best option?

A:If your cargo is bulky and not expected at the destination immediately, sea freight works out to be a safer and more economical option. It is easy to transport your goods anywhere in the world using our sea freight transportation option. However, keep in mind that cargo shipping can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks, based on the destination the cargo needs to be delivered at.



Q: How to know the chargeable weight?

A: Firstly,the goods will be calculated by the actual weight and the volumetric weight; actual weight of one carton=actual weight of one carton,total is multiplied by the numbers of carton;

volumetric weight of one carton=L*W*H/5000,get integral ,use centimeter to calculate(like 19.1KGS,get 19.5KGS;20.8KGS,get 21KGS);Total is multiplied by the numbers of carton;


Secondly,per above calculation,we can know the actual weight and the volumetric weight which is bigger,the bigger one will be the chargeable weight;


Thirdly,all goods arrive in Myhome Freight warehouse,we will re-measure them to get the final chargeable weight,then we will issue INVOICE to you.



Q: Who handles the documentation that accompanies the freight?

A: When you get in touch with us to hire our services, we will let you know of the documents we require you to submit in order to be able to process your order. All consignments that travel internationally must be accompanied by the necessary documentation, which we will take care of.



Q:How is the safety of my cargo guaranteed?

A: At Myhome Freight, we take our jobs seriously. This is why we have experts who will check all the cargo, make sure it is sealed and accompanied with all the necessary documentation at the place of origin. Once the cargo has been shipped, our staff members hold periodic checks along the way to ensure that none of the cargo has been tampered with and are still in the same mint condition. A report of the same is created and uploaded, so that our staff that checks the cargo once more at the point of destination can ensure that the cargo has reached in perfect condition. Should the cargo be tampered with, damaged or opened up along the way, we take complete responsibility of the same and hold an immediate inquiry. We strive to resolve the situation at our earliest possible, so that delivery of your cargo is not delayed.



Q: What is the whole process of FBA shipment?

A: We have a FBA workflow which could be offered upon request.



Q: How do we make payments to you?

A: You can make payment to us by bank wire after shipment is cleared from customs and before we deliver to Amazon.



Q:How do you charge?

A:All shipments are charged based on their cubic weight measurements, along with the kind of services you choose. We follow the best industry standard rates and offer our clients many cost effective packages for their logistics and transportation needs. Payments can be made via Wire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal.



Q:What if I want to discuss some customer services related policies?

A:If you have any queries for us, our customer care staff will be more than happy to be of service. You can reach us via email at: info@myhomecargo.net.



Q: Who are your carrier partners?

A: We have partnered with the very best third party vendors in the industry and work with partners like Maersk, CMA, CSCL,COSCO, APL, Hanjin, CX, CZ, MU, OZ, NH, BR, UPS etc. We have strict procedures in place to ensure all carriers we use are fully compliant to handle the freight of our customers.



Q: Are the services of Myhome Freight reliable?

A: We have built our business on honesty and have earned a solid reputation in the International Logistics and Freight industry over the last ten years. We guarantee that all our services come with 100% customer satisfaction. We stay with your cargo right from the point of origin and do not consider our jobs done until the truck is finally unloaded at the point destination and the cargo's delivery has been checked, approved, accepted, and signed for. We will work with you to solve problems where we can through the delivery process as well, so that you can stay rest assured that your precious cargo is in the right hands. You can contact us online, via phone or email and we will be more than happy to be of any assistance.

what should we do when we have cargo need ship to Amazon warehouse from China?

Q: Any difference for cargo to Amazon warehouse ? 
A: The Amazon only offer address of warehouse,did not provider the contact person and phone number .
The seller need send cargo to destinaon Country, finished custom clearance & pay duties & make an appointment for delivery on line
last ,your products will be on sale after delivery into Amazon warehouse.

Q: What should we do if we dont have VAT/EORI code /TAX ID /Annualbond ? 
A: we have VAT/EORI/TAX ID of Europe /USA/Canada/Japan ,can provider service as you need!

Q: How long will need for delivery to Amazon warehouse from China ?
A: If not met the peak season ,
to delivery into Europe & U.S warehouse need around 30-40 days by sea for trucking delivery after unloading container
around 20-25 days by sea for courier delivery after unloading container ,
around 8-12 days by air freight service . 
We also offer fast shipping service within 4-6 days by courier from China 

Q: cargo need be palletizing before shipping from China?
A: always will pack in pallets after container finished custom clearance in destination after unloading.
no palletizing before loading in China 
cargo no need in palletized to FBA Amazon warehouse of Japan , 

Q: When need pay the freight charge & duties to you ?
A: always need pay us after CUSTOM INVOICE come out ,before  delivery to FBA Amazon warehouse .

Q: Do you have service for products return from FBA Amazon warehouse ?
A: Yes. We have warehouse local in US ,UK, France ,Germany ,Spain ,Italy ,Japen,Canada
our warehouse can received return cargo from Amazon warehouse 
Provide service such like:  repack / sorting out /stick label/ delivery again to Amazon warehouse after finished service as client need 

Q: What kinds information need provide when I want to check the shipping cost ?
A: Amazon warehouse address or code ,cargo weight / volume / value / description of goods /whether have local BOND or VAT / contains battery or not /fake brand or not ?

Q: Can you provide us tracking number or bill of lading ?
A : The bill of lading was one of documents for consignee to pick up goods in destination .
Since we offer One-stop shipping service ,B/L is nonsens to you .
and it is consolidate shipment,contains many shipper's shipment ,so ,we will only provider tracking No.to you for tracking .

Q: Shipper can export Custom declaration ?
A: Yes .can be if shipper has import &e xport license ,
offer a full declaration document to us .We will charged RMB350/bill for declaration .

Q: Can send out dangerous cargo to Amazon warehouse ?
A: I am sorry ,we cannot ! 

Q: What's difference between delivery by trucking & by courier after unloading container in destination ?
A: it is the same when we loading container and ship out to destination seaport ,
but difference after unloading container in warehouse ,
by truck: need make an appointment and pack pallet befoer delivery , and freight charged by per CBM,transit time longer than by courier 
by courier: no need to make an appointment and pack pallet ,charged fee per KG, service will be fast than by trucker 

Q: Whether the price list include destination’s duties ?
A: Actually ,our quotation is not including duties & taxes ,duty & tax subject to actual processed .

Q: how much need be show for cargo invoice will be better?
A: We suggest customer declare cargo values as 30%-40%-50% values of selling price .
high value cause much of duty & tax ,low value cause CUSTOM CLEARANCE EVENT.

Q: Does all cartons need stick FBA label and Made in China ?
A: Each carton need to stick FBA label for front mark & side mark .
The label of Made in China is stick into each products packing outside ,also need to stick into cartons outside .

Q: Who to offer the FBA label ?
A:The label is offer by Amazon seller ,they can be set up shipment plan there will be have FBA label in their background .
We suggest it need to stick label done before we pick up goods from factory .

Q: What’s the request about pallet size ?
A: The pallet need to stick 4 label at least ,the label position is stick in the each middle of surface ,the standard of pack pallet is :
The standard of Europe( The pallet of Europe standard/4 way , L:1.2M *W:0.8M *H:1.6M )
The standard of U.K   (The pallet of U.K standard /4 way , L:1.2M *W:0.8M *H:1.7M )
The standard of U.S   (The pallet of U.S  standard/4 way , L:1.2M *W:1M *H:1.8M )
If the goods volume beyond half pallet ,it need to be pack pallet to delivery .The weight did not beyond 689KGS ,the height did not beyond 182cm ,the double pallet did not beyond 254cm after pack pallet . The height of the goods had better no exceed 2.5cm over the pallet after packing.

Q: Is it the same rate of starting from Shenzhen /Guangzhou / Zhongshan in the price list ?
A:The price shows service from Shenzhen , if your goods in other city ,charge different .

Q: Will the cost change after the volume size bigger after packing pallet in abroad ? 
A: our charge only subject to cargo datas ( volume & weight ) in our China warehouse 

Q: Will there be storage fee come out if waiting too long for make an appointment in peak season?
A: no worried about this ,wont charge such item fee .

Q: cargo need palletized if full container cargo all to One warehouse ?
A :The full container all cargo to one Amazon warehouse ,
it can be pack pallet in domestic or no need .
less cargo can be loading after pallets in China for full container ,
but will save cost for waiting delivery outside Amazon warehouse ,
so ,subject cargo valume and delivery time ,charge litter different ,

Q: How to compensate if goods lost or damage ?
A: If cargo is damaged or lost cause by us ,we will compensate the damage parts as per shipping freight .
Meanwhile ,good packing can avoide this happen ,and also cargo label is lost or damage when cargo in Amazon warehouse ,
also can show your producst on sale on line ,
so ,we can offer B/L  / AWB / Packing List /Commercial Invoice to the Amazon platform for grievance procedures.
last ,suggest that FBA label shuld be in good stick .

Q: whether can proivder CUSTOM tax bill to each shipper ?
A: if whole container cargo belongs to you ,will yes ,
but your cargo only few CBM or some of them ,
no ,we are under declaration as full container ,it contains other client 's products ,
but we can show part of CUSTOM INVOICE which products belong to you.

Q: I am interested selling products on Amazon ,but could not know how ,what can you do ?
A: good ,Amazon is a good platform for selling ,
We can recommend our good partner who focus on Amazon Platform professional running skills to you .
they have many some good Amazon selling skills tranining 

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