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fba shipping to amazon from china

At Myhome Freight, we understand that our clients might have a few questions about our working process and policies before they feel confident enough to hire our services. This is why; we have tried to create this list of frequently asked questions and provided the answers to the most general queries regarding our services on International transport or shipping from China. However, if you do not see your questions answered here, please feel free to contact us at info@myhomecargo.net.



Q1: What is the One-Stop To Door Shipping Service to Philippines? 

A1: from China to Philippines to door service including : loading container in China、trucking to seaport 、export clearance 、sea freight to Philippines、import clearance 、duty & taxes 、delivery to Customer’s warehouse.

Q2: How long does it take for the One-Stop To Door Shipping Service to Philippines?
A2: subject to delivery address in Philippines,to Manila / Cebu / Davao transit time are different ,we also have 3 kinds of service to Phillippines, by sea full container about 10-12days after loading , LCL cargo cost about 14days after loading , by air to Manila about 2-3days ,very fast service.


Q3: how to compensation to customer if any cargo lost or damaged broken during sending out ?
A3: we will return back freight charge and 2 times freight charge to customer if any cargo lost or been damaged.


Q4: What kinds of oversized cargo can be ship to US ?
A4:  such like pallet cargo、 wooden case、wooden frame、Air box、mold machine、furniture、sofa、fitness equipment …all over-length & overweight & oversized cargo from China to US, no matter FCL container or LCL cargo.


Q5: need pay extra to residential address in US?
A5: our quotaiton will include any charge in US ,won’t have extra charge come out.



Q6: also have to door service to Hawaii?
A6: yes ,we also have Full container & LCL cargo to door service to Hawaii . ship to Honolulu seaport from China by carrier ONE/CMA/MASTON, and delivery to door after finished import clearance.



Q7: how to keep the cargo safe from China to my place?
A7: 1st , good packing are very important ,such like packing into wooden case for fragile or heavy /oversized cargo. 2rd ,we also can buy transportation insurance to valuables cargo.



Q8: What is MalaysiaTransloading Service?
A8: like some products from China to US will hit anti-dumping rule caused high duty & taxes . avoid this, we can transit to Malaysia for transloading container & issued Orginal certification to US to make duty free or less.



Q9: will caused any storage charges or duty taxes in Malaysia?
A9:  No, 1st We will apply for about10-14 days DET/ DEM free time in Port Klang avoid any extra storage charge . 2rd transloading in Port Klang Free Zone bonder warehouse ,will caused duty in Malaysia.



Q10: How long will it takes to transloading container?
A10: from container available to pick up in Port klang to return back new container to the seaport ,always done in 7-10days.



Q11: any requirements for the size & weight shipped to FBA Amazon warehouse ?
A11: for better way to ship by sea or air , always limited cargo weight in 12kg-22kg per cartons , and also for the volume weight (L*W*Hcm/6000).


Q12: Do we need to palletize the cargo?
A12:  not necessary. for service delivery by UPS ,can be loosen cartons ,if delivery by LTL trucker ,we will palletized in our destination warehouse.



Q13: Need stick "Made in China" label on each products to FBA amazon ?
A13: Yes, also need stick on cartons.



Q14:How to ship the small parcel faster from China ?
A14: We have owner courier account for the small parcel to ship out form  from China to US EUROPE CANADA ,transit time about 3-7days by air to door.
Such like DHL/ UPS/ TNT/ FEDEX service . economic & express service.can tracking on line.



Q15: Which city does your company local in China?
A15:  We are basic in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen & Zhongshan, but can collect your cargo from different supply over whole China .cost 1-2days pick up bck to our shenzhen or Hongkong warehouse to sending out.


Q16: why I choose work with you?
A16: We are a mature & reliable team which more 16 years experience to provide professional One-stop to-door shipping service to you.



Q17: What kinds of services provide to us in your HongKong warehouse?
A17: As you know Hongkong is free trading city ,only (0.0005*cargo value) duty taxes ,very simple import & export license 
- Return cargo from all over the World.
-Container loading & unloading 
- Storage 
-Repacking (wooden case/cartons)
- Consolidation to ship out 



Q18: all chemicals, electrical products, and batteries considered as DG Cargo?
A18: Of course not. can provide the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for check .will show  it DG or NON DG ,if for Dangerous cargo ,will show UN No. & CLASS . we can handle DG cargo for Class 3/4/8/9.

Q19: how to ship out for the DG cargo?
A19: always need provide below document to us for check whether accept to ship by carrier. We must strictly to operate the DG cargo by transportation requirements
1.MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), 
2.Certification for Safe Transport, 
3.Results of Performance Test and Use Appraisal of Packaging for Import and Export Dangerous Goods.



Q20: how to work with you when my cargo ready to ship in China?
A20:  after get your confirm back shipping order we will send booking form to you .and then,we will contact your supply in China to confirm when will cargo ready been pick up .our operation team will processing shipment step by step & keep you know it .(such like: loading cargo 、export cleaerance、on board、arrived destination seaport 、import clearance 、duty& taxes paid 、delivery,and so on .)


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