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FBA Shipping to Amazon from China

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service that enables merchants to store inventory and fulfill orders from an Amazon fulfillment center. We make shipping services far easier by ensuring safe and secure FBA shipping to Amazon from China. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA Amazon) from China & HongKong

After 2-3 years development, Amazon seller got a lot of benefits when use FBA Amazon Shipping service. So more and more Amazon sellers choose FBA services. Especially in Shenzhen ,Guangzhou ,Hongkong city of China. Lot of factories and company chose to sell on Amazon. Of course, many foreign trading companies(mostly supply in China of them) also change the mode of trade B2B to B2C by Amazon.

Today ,so many cargo exports from China to Amazon warehouse. Amazon warehouse in US ,Canada ,UK ,Germany ,France ,Italy ,Spain ,Japan ,EU.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA Amazon) service become very hot and demand strongly in China.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA Amazon) service like DDP service (door to door service ,include duty and VAT ),But Amazon only provide warehouse address to seller, they how can move their products from China's export declaration, ship out to destination by Ocean freight or Air freight or Express ,import customs clearance, pay duty +VAT , make appointment for delivery ?

All of these need a very good profession forwarder to provide .Specially some seller can not offer import tax ID of destination country to customs clearance not too much forwarder can offer service without this.

But MYHOME Freight Forwarder HK ltd can do it.


We call this – “ONE STOP Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)”

we focus on FBA Amazon shipping service from 2014 .

we can provide variety service to sellers.

No matter what you have or don’t have ,our target is delivery your products from China to Amazon warehouse safety, faster, cheaper !

That is what we do - FBA Amazon team of MYHOME Freight Forwarder HK ltd


We offer FBA shipping to Amazon from China as below show :

1.    DHL Express, UPS Express, FEDEX Express, TNT Express to Amazon FBA Warehouse for small weight case from 1kg -50kg -100kg -300kg-500kg -1000kg or more.

2.    Air Service to Amazon FBA Warehouse. Always from your Chinese supply ,flight to destination airport, we handle import clearance, pay duty + VAT, and them delivery to Amazon warehouse. For over -300kg 500kg -1000kg or more.

3.    FCL container and LCL cargo by sea to Amazon FBA Warehouse. Always from your Chinese supply ,ship to destination seaport , we handle import clearance ,pay duty + VAT, and them pick up container to our warehouse, delivery to Amazon after palletized.


Above service all can to Amazon warehouse in :

US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, EU


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service workflow

1.      Offer cargo information to MYHOME for checking

2.      Whether has Import Tax ID or EORI NO. or VAT CODE or not ?

3.      Confirm service you choose: by air ,by sea ,by courier.

4.      Calculate estimated cargo Duty / Tax.

5.      Prepare FBA label + customs clearance document + cargo ready for ship.

6.      MYHOME Pick up your cargo from factory.

7.      MYHOME double check label + document + cargo + Confirm booking schedule.

8.      Export clearance from China.

9.      Arrived destination sea port/airport.

10.   MYHOME agent handle import clearance + pay duty + tax + Customs released out.

11.   Pick back to our warehouse for packing into Pallets.

12.   Pre-booking with Amazon FBA Services for delivery on line.

13.   Delivery by truck or by courier.

14.   Successful delivery to Amazon warehouse as you need.


FBA Amazon One-stop shipping service from China 
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service to Amazon US ,Amazon Canada ,Amazon UK ,Amazon France ,Amazon Germany ,Amazon Italy ,Amazon EU Amazon Japan warehouse, delivery by Ocean freight , by Air freight ,by Express from China.

Ocean freight way to Amazon US/Canada warehouse about 25-30 days or 35-40 days ,to Amazon Canada ,Amazon UK ,Amazon France ,Amazon Germany ,Amazon Italy ,Amazon EU warehouse about 25-30 days.

Air freight
way to Amazon US/Canada warehouse about 8-10 days ,to Amazon Canada ,Amazon UK ,Amazon France ,Amazon Germany ,Amazon Italy ,Amazon EU warehouse about 8-10 days.

way to Amazon USA/Canada warehouse about 8-10 days, to Amazon Canada ,Amazon UK ,Amazon France ,Amazon Germany ,Amazon Italy ,Amazon EU warehouse about 8-10 days.

MYHOME can offer the packing ,repacking ,label ,pallets ,export clearance ,import clearance , appointment on line for delivery ,delivery to Amazon warehouse whole service and Tax ID or VAT for import clearance for shipper.

Additional benefits to using Amazon FBA include:

  Access Amazon Prime and Super Saver Shipping customers

  Higher placement in the Buy Box algorithm due to a guaranteed quick and consistent fulfillment experience

  Access to promoted holiday shipping windows

  More favorable status when dealing with Amazon over account issues and suspension

  Opportunities for international expansion

√  Multi Channel FBA Fulfilment (e.g. sell on eBay and fulfill from your Amazon FBA inventory)


ChannelAdvisor supports Amazon FBA functionality in the following marketplaces:

  Amazon US

  Amazon Canada

  Amazon UK

  Amazon France

  Amazon Germany

  Amazon Italy

  Amazon EU - When FBA is held in home EU country and used to fullful for orders for other European Marketplace Accounts.

  Amazon China

  Amazon Japan


myhomecargo.net is designed to help your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) succeed in fulfillment while you focus on your business. We are the best partner.

Amazon FBA Value-added services:

There is various value added services offered to you to make FBA shipping more convenient and reliable to Amazon from China.

Some of these services include:

1.    Customs clearance assist for  shipment hold in customs.

2.    Barcode and Label printing ,Sticking.

3.    Pick & Pack ,quality checking.

4.    Short-term storage.

5.    Warehouse receiving for FBA returned cargo.

6.    Products resell for products in closed account.

7.    US and UK company registry and bank account opening.

8.    US and UK logo and trademark registry.


How do I Shipping products to Amazon FBA?

Looking for Freight Forwarder From China?

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