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Collect Sample from different supply send out by DHL

Client inquiry from Australia:

Hi Nicholas
What we do is, we send a couple of suppliers money for goods to 

you with your DHL charges. Once you tell us how many kilos are all up,

example, one supplier will be 30 kilos, another ones around 4kilos, etc, 

so what you have to do is consolidate all together, raise your inv to us for

customs which we will advise you what amount to invoice (value). 

For Australia anything under AUD1000.00, no duty or taxes.
So if you are able to do all this please advise.


Reply by Myhome:

Dear Ajay:

thank you for your mail,

yes , we always offer service like this:

we collect back sample from your different supply in our warehouse 

send out after consolidate as one shipment 

by courier express service (DHL UPS FEDEX TNT ) 

to Australia we have 3-4days , 5-7days different service as you need.

looking for your support !


Service by Myhome Freight Forwarder HK ltd

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