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Electronic Cigarette from Guangzhou to USA

Client inquiry from USA:

Please send me your prices for air shipments from Guangzhou to NY of:
1. 1000kg liquid.
2. Electronic cigarette 1000kg.
3. Regular cargo 2,000 kg.

Door to door service.


Reply by Myhome:

Dear Alon :

thank you for your mail,

for Liquid cargo ,we need confirm cargo name ,packing form ,picture ,and use for what ?

only can send as NON DG cargo ,

we  can sent Electronic cigarette by courier (DHL ,FEDEX ,UPS)

it is door to door service from China to USA all in rate:

1. by DHL : USD/kg      4-5days

2. by UPS : USD/kg        6-7days              

3. by Fedex: USD/kg        7-8days 

looking for your support !


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